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Issue with Exporting to .moc

Hello, community.

I created my own character and I applied a Haruto teamplate to it, buyting a PRO license to be able to save it.

But when I try to export the file as a " .moc " , it gives me this error:
" Invoke after texture atlas is generated "

Now, I want to say that instead of creating a full body just like Haruto, I just drew the chest and the arms without the rest of the lower body. Could that be the reason?
If so, how do I fix that? Do I have to precisely crop the canvas around my character?


  • I'm having a similar issue but after confirm the output folder Modeler opens an explorer without any file in it. Re installed Live2d several times and the problem still.
  • edited April 2018
    Hi @ex0LL @Max

    As I know, usually " Invoke after texture atlas is generated " happen because when you import PSD but you haven't put that new texture into texture atlas. you can check by pressing Ctrl+T if you see some item on the right side of panel [List of image model only unset object] it means you need to:
    1. Add new texture atlas and put the unset object into it
    2. Put unset object into current texture atlas

    tell me if any of those method are working.
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