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"Harem Protagonist" Live2D Work

Hello! I'm the lead developer of an upcoming humor/romance dating sim game called 'Harem Protagonist'!

Here I will post artwork and Live2D animation now and then for critique and showcasing. Note that I am not the full author of these works. 'Syrah' does the sketches and lineart. Then I add the faces and color it in. Other team members and myself do the animation.

Unless specified otherwise, all work here is open to critique and suggestions for improvement :smile:

Current Models:

Ayano - Gamer 'Dandere' girl.

Kyoko - Two-Faced 'Yandere' girl.

Izumi - Large-breasted 'Tsundere' girl.

Current WIPs (Work in Progress)


  • edited February 2016
    The lineart looks polished and the shading nicely round.
    Izumi's waist is so tiny that her pose looks a little bit off, but that's probably exactly what you're aiming for :# .

    Do you already have any wip animations?
  • edited February 2016
    Hehe, yes, Izumi is our grumpy Jessica Rabbit lol. I'll try out adjusting her waist a bit, though.

    Yep, I have a couple. However, they still need refinement. Once I get a batch done, I'll post them up.

  • i don't know whether i should be impressed or horrified at those bodyshapes :D
    the artwork looks beautiful! the idea that someone could 'sketch' a model and someone else could finish it is great! i think you're onto a something here!

    the last gif you posted looks like the blush rides higher on the face during the "up" motion than the neutral position, unless it's a part of the face (aka shoujo heroine face tattoo xD)
    do you mind sharing how you arranged the deformers? are the eyes on a separate deformer than the face, or is the whole head on one deformer affected by the X Y position parameters?
  • edited February 2016
    Hehe, yes. As for the bodyshapes we went with exaggeration on some of the "archetypes".

    Yes! I use that technique very often actually! For the non-sprite art (scene art, promo art, etc) I have one person who is really good at composition do the composition (he has a better sense of space and dynamics than any of us lol). Then the best lineartist on my team does that (she is the fastest and best at that), and then I do the faces and coloring as the final touches.

    So all of the art is a huge collaboration, each one of us uses our strengths! (We're like a Megazord lol) Also, since each person does one entire process, everything looks like it has been done by one artist and style! So it looks cohesive and nice.

    I'm honestly still very new to Live2D, sorry. I don't know too well any of the real terms (there is no proper english manual yet to learn the vocabulary) so we use a lot of slang in my dev team lol. What do you mean by deformers?

    Do you mean the large groups like "Eyes" and "Body" and such, in the upper left corner?

    I also have a very cool animation WIP/Concept I did in Live2D for that group pic. I'll get around to posting it later on.
  • Wow, the perspective of the group pic make is great! Looking forward to the wip animation :# .
  • "Deformers" are the things you use to transform and warp the parts of your model.
  • "Deformers" are the things you use to transform and warp the parts of your model.

    Ah, yes, I figured it out now, thank you!

    Here are some animations I did!

    However, for the sake of critique (but not the alcoholic drink of critique lol), what would be best to provide? Samples of the "basic" parameter movements? The entire .cmox? Or rather, only the final animations?

    (For some reason I can't upload files in this thread, otherwise I would have added the .cmox too)
  • @CBeam
    Thanks for posting some animations :D !
    Cubism files can't be uploaded directly, but I'm currently looking into this. However, for getting critique providing gifs might be the best way.
    As the rest of the art, the animations look very clean, but let me suggest a few things.

    1) The animations might look a little bit too clean: The hair moves in line with the head which makes it appear to be 'solid'. Did you already try to let the bangs not move with the head, but follow the motion of the head?

    2) Here head movements look pretty linear. As she's tsundere, especially the last one may even look better when sped up and exaggerated more.

  • @CBeam

    Forget about that 'yandere'! You wrote 'dandere'!? Never had heard of it...
  • 1) Understood! I will try adding a "Deform Path" to it, and make it more dynamic.
    2) I will make those adjustments!

    Here is some WIP on that super huuuuuge pic that will get an animation: 3

    Also, the cool dude that will make my game's Trailer might use Live2D as well (I'm trying to convince him lol), so we might see some of that in the future!
  • Also, the cool dude that will make my game's Trailer might use Live2D as well (I'm trying to convince him lol), so we might see some of that in the future!
    That would be cool, of course!

    The guy to the bottom right is the protagonist?

  • @CBeam
    The guy to the bottom right is the protagonist?

    Yes. His name is "Shujin Kou", hehe.
    naotaro said:

    I think the hair movement is good in this game !

    Oh, that looks good! Thank you, I will take inspiration from it.
  • The details needed to have the hair be animated and have physics in Unity are still being looked into (hence why I don't have updates on the previous character yet), but here is another character that got some animations! Our busty tsundere!

  • thats one scary body type XD
    the motions look great! you're doing a good job ^^
  • More animations!

    Here is our Tinkerer Tomboy!

    The mouth still needs to be done (another animator might do that, I still need to study/practice them more lol), but here it is!

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