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moc3 file refuses to export

edited July 12 in Help
A cubism project I am attempting to export is refusing to export. When exporting, the "saving..." window appears for a little while before disappearing, and no moc3 file can be found in the path. Before, the model was also exporting with some problems, including hidden meshes showing up when they are not supposed to, and some layers showing up in the wrong draw order when parameters are moved in both the cubism viewer and Vtube Studio. I am using Cubism 4.2.02 on Windows 11 with an Intel Core I5-1135G7 with 8 GB RAM. The model file was made with Photoshop.
Any help to get the model to export correctly would be appreciated!


  • @ItsDaDoc

    Thank you for always using our products.
    Please send us the model file in which the problem occurred and the log file.
    Upload your file at the following page

    Please click here to see how to obtain the log file.
    Please be sure to send us the full log file.

    Best regards.
  • @ItsDaDoc

    Thank you very much for sending us the model files.
    We have checked it.

    It appears that the size of the model file is too large due to the textures being too large.
    Please try to reduce texture size and overall lighten the size of the model file.
    After reducing the size of the model file, please try to see if it can be exported successfully.

    You have also sent us inquiries about Unity via email.
    The contents of your e-mail also seemed to indicate that you were having trouble exporting moc3, so please first try to export the aforementioned moc3 file successfully.
    I think that will solve the problem.
    If you complete the moc3 export without problems, but still cannot resolve the issue about Unity, please post a new question to this community again.

    Best regards!
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