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Now, we are seeking users who can give us a hand with expertise to evolve our software more dynamically.
If you are willing to help us, we’d like you to make a registration for “Live2D Creators Circle” via the link below.
Designers, programmers, translators are especially welcomed so far.
(More detailed explanation will be given to you before we ask you to do tasks)

Playmaker custom actions for Live2D

Playmaker is a visual scripting plugin for Unity that enables everyone to make games in Unity without touching scripts at all. Personally I think Playmaker support in Live2D SDK can be a great addition. With this anyone can implement Live2D in their Unity games with no hassle, even artists and non-programmers can do it!


  • Someone on my team is making a Unity Fungus x Live2D module which will come to the Unity Asset store later on, if you're interested :)
  • That sounds pretty neat! I'll be looking forward for that :D We need more Live2D add-ons in Asset Store, lol.

    Personally I like a more "universal" Live2D easy integration, and custom action for Playmaker is feasible for that. Maybe I'll have a try in making some simple Playmaker actions first (like loading a model, playing animation etc.). Too bad my current C# knowledge only get me so far... so I hope someone more experienced or from Live2D staff themselves can give support :)
  • @Ran_TH
    Thanks for your interest in Live2D!
    I never used Playmaker before, so excuse the noob question: Could you wrap MonoBehaviours into custom actions?
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