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Playmaker custom actions for Live2D

Playmaker is a visual scripting plugin for Unity that enables everyone to make games in Unity without touching scripts at all. Personally I think Playmaker support in Live2D SDK can be a great addition. With this anyone can implement Live2D in their Unity games with no hassle, even artists and non-programmers can do it!


  • Someone on my team is making a Unity Fungus x Live2D module which will come to the Unity Asset store later on, if you're interested :)
  • That sounds pretty neat! I'll be looking forward for that :D We need more Live2D add-ons in Asset Store, lol.

    Personally I like a more "universal" Live2D easy integration, and custom action for Playmaker is feasible for that. Maybe I'll have a try in making some simple Playmaker actions first (like loading a model, playing animation etc.). Too bad my current C# knowledge only get me so far... so I hope someone more experienced or from Live2D staff themselves can give support :)
  • @Ran_TH
    Thanks for your interest in Live2D!
    I never used Playmaker before, so excuse the noob question: Could you wrap MonoBehaviours into custom actions?
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