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Mirroring deformer changes

edited March 2016 in Help
Hello! I'd like to know how to "mirror" deformer changes. This is how my model looks like when looking to one side:

And this is how she looks when looking to the other side. As you can see, the face deformer is not a perfect "mirror" of the other side, because I did it by hand.

Is there a way to accomplish a true "mirror"?


  • I am also very curious about how to do this, ran into the same problem.
  • Hi,

    I'm new to the forum but let me butt in.
    As far as I'm aware it's currently not possible to mirror deformers.
    When modeling the face I don't use any deformers at all for the x-axis, but move the polygons by hand. This gives you really nice control on how everything looks including the outline. I then take a screenshot of the polygons, mirror that screenshot and use that as a reference to mirror the polygons.
    When not using deformers, I sometimes just move the polygons by hand for the y-axis, too.
    Here's how my approach would look if I'd model Haru:

  • Thanks @ZIMA . That's a pretty cool technique, I'll use it.
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