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Character's motions in Animator

Hi, I have a question. Let's say my character has 3 types of clothings, and I would like to create 10 motions for her using the Animator. Does this mean that I need to create 10 motions per clothing?

Example, meaning that:
Clothing A: 10 motions
Clothing B: 10 motions
Clothing C: 10 motions

Wow 30 motions in total. Is there a shortcut method? Let's say my character has 'naked' form, can I just go create 10 motions for this 'naked' form, and somehow there is a shortcut method to repeat the same 10 motion for clothing A, B & C?


  • hello riverblade!
    in the animator, you can make the animations for the base (or naked) character, and just set the different expressions as a Template
    it's explained in this tutorial page
    then whenever you need to apply the same motions to the different clothes, just apply the template you created earlier.
    these motions can also be copied from the folder they are in and placed wherever you need them in your game or story project outside of the Animator :D
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