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Updating Textures from PSD

Hi! Using the free version for now, so I'm not sure if this is the cause. I'm trying to replace the textures of a Live2D Cubism 3 model with an updated PSD (added additional details to the drawing). When I drag the PSD file into the Live2D workspace I get the option to replace the texture. When I do so, it doesn't replace anything; instead, it creates a copy on top of the existing model and doesn't copy the parameters. I essentially have a spare, un-meshed and non-animated drawing sitting on top of the one that I've worked on.

Is there a reason for this? I had added a couple new layers to photoshop, but when I first came across this problem I got rid of them to see if that was the cause but it doesn't seem to matter. I know I can go in and apply the new images to the mesh one by one but this is tedious and I'm left with double the number of objects. Any advice or help? Thanks!


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