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Weird animation when I export from Cubism Animator

edited February 2016 in Help
Hi, I've rigged my first character in cubism and made some simple animations, but I have a problem when I export the motion files. When I import the .moc file in Live2D Viewer, everything seems fine, the eye-blinking works and the different parameters are ok. But when I add .mtn files the animation makes weird jittering and wobbling movements, and seems to be accelerated.

Here's a video capture of the problem when I play the motions in live2D viewer :

My ultimate goal is to replace static characters by animated ones in TyranoBuilder to make a more attractive game. I managed to import this one in Tyranobuilder, but the movement was also weird, like in the video.

Before going back to the drawing board, I would like to know if you can identify the source of the problem... (I'm on a Mac) I joined the source files to help you check my possible beginner mistakes.

Thank you very much for your help !


  • Hi,

    thanks for your interest in Live2D and for posting your model data right away :#. I tried your model and animations with the viewer 2.1.10 d4 on win 10 and a colleague of mine on mac - for both of us your animations worked just fine. In-game you have to be careful when changing parameters during animation playback because you might end up messing up parameter values but this shouldn't be a problem in the viewer. Which version of the viewer are you using?

    Is there anyone else having the same problem?
  • Thanks for your quick answer !
    I'm using the viewer 2.1.12 that I downloaded there.

    On my side, I still have that weird motion in Viewer and when importing the motions in Tyranobuilder.
    Here is a zip file with the the whole folder and "problematic" .mtn files, maybe the problem comes from the way I organized the data or something... (・ε・?) Hope this helps.

    From what I've tested, the problem is not apparent with the source files I previously sent you but after I export .mtn files and try to view them in other software.

    I will try to test everything on a PC and another Mac to try to narrow the source of the problem.

    Other factors that may or may not come into play : I'm currently using Adobe AIR 18, not the latest one - because I'm using Pyxel edit to do some daily sprite work and this app crashes with later versions. I'm also running Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) because Adobe CS 5.5 is not working with the latest OS (El capitan)...

    Many thanks for your help ! (^-^*)
  • Your're completely right! The files the animator exports are messed up. Could you tell me your system locale?
  • Glad you could see the problem, I feel less alone now, haha.
    I'm French, and my system use a french language version of OSX.

    I've done another test with the "simple" Girl model, and the weird animation is reproduced also when exporting the .mtn files (files attached) Tonight, I'll test on a PC to see if I can export correct .mtn files and bring them back to the mac to view and integrate in the game.
  • Yes ! I did a test just minutes ago : I used the same source files from before but exported the .mtn files on PC - and it worked flawlessly in viewer, no hiccups or weird movements. I used the PC viewer to export the .json file and put everything back on my mac. It also worked great in Viewer, and I could import the character and motions in tyrannobuilder without a hitch.

    So I guess there is definitely a problem when exporting motion on my Mac. Hope you can find what it is (if other mac users can report the same bug eventually)

    Oh well...I can rig and animate on my Mac and do the export on PC, it's not too much of a hassle now that I know it will work in the end !
    Thanks for your help.
  • I'm pretty sure this is a bug in the animator and the devs are already working on it. I guess when you're locale is French the format of the motion file gets messed up. Until a fix is released, you can either export your animations on a pc or change your locale on your mac to "English" when exporting motion files (which should be very cumbersome but work...).
  • One thing I noticed also in Animator - maybe that's a clue to the solution, maybe not - is that the program has a conflicted response to the character , in numbers(the comma). Specifically about the framerate which is by default 30,00 ips in the dialog box.

    But I can only press "ok" if I type 30.00 instead

    or just 30

    It may be a conflict between the way you separate numbers in english versus in french where we use a comma for non integer numbers instead of a point... not a big problem but i've read elsewhere that we should avoid special characters in naming characters parts I thought this could be a source of conflict.

    I'll use the PC as an export platform for now, as long as I can rig characters on the mac which is the big part of the work, it will be ok !
    (Sorry about my english, not sure I have the precise words sometimes)
  • I think that's exactly the reason :D. If you open the motion files you sent over in a text viewer you will see that the float values in the working files are 'separated' by dots, and in the not-working files by commas. That's a bug in the animator that needs to be fixed so thank you very much for reporting it :)! The editor devs already put it on their to-do.
  • Yeah ! I'm a debugger !

    That explains the weird motions if the program tried to play the animation at 30 000 frames/ second instead of 30 !
    Thanks to you and your team to work on this, there may not be be too many french mac users of live 2D (yet), but I hope it helps the few of them !
  • I'm German so the same would've happened to me on a mac... :#
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