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Question - preloading motions

edited February 2016 in Help
I wonder if there is a way to pre-load mtns.


function load_motion(mtn){
	Figure.loadBytes(mtn, function(buf){
		motion = new Live2DMotion.loadMotion(buf);
Very frequently, I load motion1, then soon motion2, and soon after motion1 again.

The above code is making my game run slow on some devices. There isn't a lot of mtns. I need to interchange mtns frequently.
So I want to ask : How do I preload mtns?

PS: I tried to make an array (which would store all the motion bytes), for loop and this: motion[i] = new Live2DMotion.loadMotion(buf); . But it doesn't work.

Thank you in advance


  • Actually my pre-loading method using arrays suddenly worked. I must have made a trivial mistake in my code somewhere. Thank you anyways
  • And for anyone who want's to know how I did mtn preloading, here's how:

    Near the very beginning, just after the .model.json is defined into your code:
    for(var i = 0; i < modelDef.motion.length; i++){
    	load_motion(modelDef.motion[i], i);
    var init_mtn = 0;
    var curr_mtn = init_mtn;
    function load_motion(mtn, index){
    	Figure.loadBytes(mtn, function(buf){
    		motion = new Live2DMotion.loadMotion(buf);
    		motion_bytes[index] = motion;
    		if(index === modelDef.motion.length-1){
    function startMtn(no){
    And in the periodic draw function:
  • I see. Thank you for sharing the information .
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