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How to reimport PNG files?

edited February 2016 in Help
hello Naotaro-San, i have a question..i have a bird character.that bird character has two feathers and those are is nearly not possible to close the feather as the shape is not i created the closing Feather Illustration using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.I painted it in Adobe Illustrator.then I saved the file in .PNG format and the width*height is 2048*2048.So i clicked on replace option to replace the texture file and added the texture file that i had created..but after adding the file..the character breaks and disappears.I am adding the screenshot as well...request you to help..Thankyou in advance.


  • You did "replace" your old texture with the new one. Your mapping is still the same but now it is mapping to your new texture. I think the Cubism Modeler will warn you that this action cannot be undone(You can still load your old file though if you did have a save). If you are using the Free version of cubism Modeler you can have only 1 texture. If you want to retain all your previous work while adding new stuff you need to edit your old layer and add new stuff to it.
    *You shouldn't move any of the old parts in the layer though or your mapping will need to be changed too. Try to find an empty space in the old texture and add new stuffs to it.
  • hello kuro-san, i have one more question, the bird character to which i am giving movement, i have been given a task that i need to close the feather of the bird. i think that is not possible since it is a 2D part we cannot move it possible to move the entire feather with the hand on the other side.? If you refer the image that i had sent in the previous problem, then you will come to know that currently the hands and feathers are upside.but in order to close the feather, we need to turn it inside.that means we need to turn it inside.the position of the hands should also change..i think that is not possible..what do you think? Please give me your suggestion..Thnakyou very much in advance......
  • In general live2d is good for animating things in X, Y, or Z direction for only 30 degrees. You can have 2 poses instead(one with opened wing and another one with closed wing). It will have fade in/out animation when you change from one pose to another pose.

    If you want real animation for wing flapping, you can try to animate it little by little starting with fade out animation for the hand and replace it with the new hand then overlay the closed wing on top of the opened wing. Then try to shorten the part(of opened wing) that is covered by the closed wing while lengthen the close wing. However, that will be very hard to make it look good and it's up to your animation skill.
  • Kuro-san, how to do fade in and fade out the other part i.e. the feather and overlay the closed wing on top of the opened wing.Please help me.Thankyou in Advance.
  • Kuro-san, could you help me on like how to add a new hand and then overlay the closed wing on top of the opened wing? please help me..your help is more valuable to me....Thankyou in Advance.
  • Yogesh said:

    Kuro-san, how to do fade in and fade out the other part i.e. the feather and overlay the closed wing on top of the opened wing.Please help me.Thankyou in Advance.

    hi Yogesh, you can keyframe the opacity on the edit panel.

    Select the 1st wing and add into the parameter, add 2 keys, and then select 2nd wing do the same. after that, select first wing again turn down the opacity to 0%, after that if you move the red dot, the wing will fade. do the same to the 2nd wing, but reverse the order, from 0 to 100%.
  • Mr. Yuan Thankyou so much for the answer. On the feathers I have added the two wings whose positions are closed.i.e. I have put two wings on the previous wings.I have set the opacity from 0 to 100 two the wings that were already there by default First. However which operation needs to be done on the closed wings?? Thankyou in Advance.
  • edited October 2015
    hei Yogesh... you can inverted the wing opacity:

    | ---------o---------|
    wing A 0% ------------------100%
    wing B 100%---------------------0%

    I've attached the sample of the file, please check it =D
    tell me if this what you talking about
  • Yes this is what I was talking about...thankyou once again
  • Mr.Yuan I have one more question for you.if i want to blink the eyes then what should be done..I have already set the Deformers to the Right Eye as well as the Left Eye respectively. and I have also set Parameters i.e. Angle X and Angle Y.also there are two parts..the white part is the eye and the Blue part is the eyeball.In order to make them blink what needs to be done? Thankyou in Advance..
  • edited October 2015
    ah, great to hear that about the wing.

    and the blinking eye.... usually we make a masking for closing eye, because it's not only about the parameter, but you need masking or covering with same color of bird feather. :)

    I suggest you to download the demo file here、and its easier to open the file and find how it works:

    and this video show how masking works: 
  • Sorry Mr.Yuan but the video does not play.There is a video error. Moreover the eye and the eyeball are different as it is an animal.i.e. a bird.I have tried closing the eyes of a male character.i.e the human being.but i do not know at all how to blink the eyes of a bird..Please help..your help is valuable for me..Thankyou
  • ah sorry Yogesh, fixed the video. :)

    When you said a bird eye, actually you talking about animation principle of the animal instead of live2D technical matters, maybe you can search for the youtube... and since the character is humanoid cartoon. the blinking eye is pretty much the same, like tom and jerry, or mickey. You need a top eyelid to close and open.
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