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[About macOS Ventura 13.0] (12/20/2022)
The currently released Live2D Cubism SDK is not guaranteed to work with macOS Ventura.
Please refrain from upgrading the macOS as they may not work properly.
The Cubism Editor license file may be lost after the macOS upgrade.
Please make sure to deactivate the Cubism Editor license before upgrading the macOS.
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Cubism Editor 5.0 alpha3 is now available! (4/27/2023)

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We will continue to welcome your feedback on alpha3.
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Use a free drawing app to import PSD files onto Live2D instead of paying for Photoshop or ClipStudio

There is a problem when people attempt to import a PSD file it loads for a few moments and then disappears. One of the reasons that I know that is causing it which not many people can fix is that the drawing program they are using is not Photoshop or Clip Studio. And I know that this is very frustrating as both Photoshop and Clip Studio (Free test version does not let you export anything) cost money and it is not ideal to need to pay for an entirely different program to import a PSD onto this one. So I would please like to request for you to try to make it so a drawing program that does not cost money to export a PSD from available for us to import a PSD onto Live2D from. For example I use IbisPaint and export the PSD to my google drive. I understand that this is a big request, but I know that it would help a lot of people like me who don't want to have to use money to buy a different program that would otherwise have no use for us.


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