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Some body parts missing in Unity 5.5

When I put a Live2D model in Unity 5.5 using SDK 2.1, I noticed that some body parts of my model is missing.
Take a look at attached screenshot, notice her missing left eye:

I also found this also happen to some other Live2D models, This one is even more sad:

Not all model are affected by this issue, although I wonder what causing this? I never had this problem when I'm working with Unity 4..


  • So I tested on Unity 4 and I see that the model has no I suppose SDK 2.1 on Unity 5 is being a bit problematic here. Can you confirm, @dai[email protected] @andi[email protected] ?
  • Well I think I figured out why.

    This will only happen with duplicates of body parts,e.g. you duplicate left eye and reflect it to make the right eye, which is a common time-saving practice. But somehow the SDK doesn't like it.

    It's worth noting this bug will only appear in Unity 5. Unity 4 does not have this issue, so if you are developing with SDK on Unity 5 keep in mind to not making duplicates of body parts while making your models or stick with Unity 4 until they update the SDK.
  • After two months I finally able to fix this issue thanks to Takasaka-san from Live2D!

    All you have to do is to edit Live2D.shader file on /resources/shader/merged folder and look for line contains
    Cull [_cull]
    then replace it to
    Cull Off
    And now the model should show up properly!

    Apparently there's a change on how Culling works on Unity 5, and this simple shader edit fixes the issue. Hope it helps for anyone out there.
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