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4.0 not responding on Mac

I have been using for few month,and it became slower this few weeks.(idk isn't because i updated the Mac version or not)
I can't start the apps today, the blank grey Live2D window and popup messages came out, it keeps loading and it shows that it is not responding.

- Live2D Software Version: Cubism Editor 4.0.06
- OS & Version: macOS Catalina
- PC Model: MacBookPro 2015
- Graphics Specifications: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB
- CPU: Intel Core i5
- Memory: 8GB

Is there anyone with the same problem?
Hope staff can notice and solve the problem.plz


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    I'm on a Mac using Mojave (for compatibility reasons with other software I use) and am having tons of stability issues in Cubism. Hang ups, spinning beach balls, app crashes, system crashes. I am using 4.0.05 though because .06 still is "beta".
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    Hello @0000imoat

    I would like to know what the pop-up message is.
    I'd like to see Cubism Editor launching, so please shoot and paste a video of it.

    Best regards.
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    edited October 2020
    here is the video @Enoko(Staff)
    It starts like this as normal.It keeps loading and it shows it is not responding when i right click the icon on the dock.

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    Hello @0000imoat

    Thank you for the reply and filming the video.

    -Will removing all non-standard macos applications solve the Cubism Editor problem?

    Cubism Editor is a Java application.
    The applications that we are currently aware of that can adversely affect Java applications are as follows:

    There may be more to this...

    -I would also like to see the Cubism Editor log files.
    Could you send me a log.txt file via Message?

    [How to send a direct message]
    Click on my name, "enoko(staff)".
    My profile screen will open. Click on [Message] in the top right corner.
    The message sending screen opens.
    Click on the icon [Attach file] and select the file.
    Click [Post Message] to send the message.
    (Please compress the file. If the file is too large to be attached, use an upload site or similar)

    Best regards.
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