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[About macOS Sonoma 14.0] (update 10/17/2023)
The current compatibility status with released Live2D Cubism products is as follows:
[supported]Live2D Cubism Editor version 5.0.01 and later
[not supported]Live2D Cubism Editor version 5.0.00 beta1 and earlier,Other Live2D Cubism products, including Live2D Cubism SDK.
Please refrain from upgrading the macOS as they may not work properly.
The Cubism Editor license file may be lost after the macOS upgrade.
Please make sure to deactivate the Cubism Editor license before upgrading the macOS.
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C++ D3D11 Link error

I successfully compiled the official C++ demo project on Visual Studio 2019, and demo models worked fine. Therefore I decided to move all the live2d framework to my personal engine which also based on D3D11. Adding framework project into solution complied successfully, but when I tried to use it in my engine, it always popup several similar error messages.

" error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: static bool _cdecl Live2D::Cubism::Framework::CubismFramework::StartUp(class Live2D::Cubism::Framework::ICubismAllocator *,class Live2D::Cubism::Framework::CubismFramework::Option const *)" (?StartUp@CubismFramework@Framework@Cubism@Live2D@@SA_NPEAVICubismAllocator@234@PEBVOption@1234@@Z) referenced in function "public: void _cdecl RenderContext::InitializeCubism(void)" (?InitializeCubism@RenderContext@@QEAAXXZ)"

I already included CubismFramework.hpp, Rendering/D3D11/CubismNativeInclude_D3D11.hpp, Rendering/D3D11/CubismRenderer_D3D11.hpp and LAppAllocator.

I just tried to initialized the cubism and call CubismFramework::StartUp and CubismFramework::Initialize().


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