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Can't open PSD File.. any help?

Howdy! I just got Live2D Cubism today. So, when I try to open my PSD File in the editor, it says "Loading PSD File" for a bit then just disappears. This is what it says in the log:
[ERROR] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 12
[ERROR] at$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.D.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.O.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.O.invoke(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.util.V.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at

Oh, I use ibisPaintX on my tablet to create my PSD File then import it in my Google Drive. I don't use Photoshop.
Hope someone can help!


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    I had the same problem too, but I solved it with this method:

    1.) Export your PSD from ibisPaint X to Google Drive (or any platform you used to save it in your computer).

    2) Then go to and import your PSD file.

    3) Save it as a PSD file again in Photopea.

    4) Import your PSD file (saved from Photopea) in Live2d.

    Photopea is something like photoshop, but it's completely free.

    Hope this helped you! ^^
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