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Please fix your license activation server!

Over the weeks your users have been getting license activation errors because "Unable to connect to the server (-105)". This is not an issue on our side because our connections are fine.

The only workaround that worked is by enabling VPN on our system just so Live2D can phone home. I am fortunate enough that I have paid VPN, but all other users are much less tech savvy or can't afford to pay a VPN. Not to mention that Free VPN may have privacy risks behind it. You don't want your users to risk themselves in order to use the software that they paid for, don't you? Even if that's not the case, then why your software the only one having trouble out of all apps installed on our PC? I can tell Firewall is not the problem here because Live2D is still able to show welcome screen, and afaik that needs an internet connection to show the banners.

This has been ongoing issue for months, and this is not just me, but my friends and peers over Live2D community all over the world has been having same issue as well. Even your Japanese users had them. You should know this affects mostly to PRO license holders, and Live2D has been showing its negligence by letting this issue slide to their paying customers.

I'd like to see an official statement over this issue, because the solution that your staff proposed once definitely doesn't resolve things.


  • Hello Ran_TH,

    We apologize for the delay in contacting you.
    We also apologize for any inconvenience to you and your use of the product.

    We have been dealing with this problem of "Unable to connect to the server (-105)" license activation error.
    We have received reports from several users, both domestic and international, and we are aware of the problem.
    However, the error is as described at Live2D help site.
    (-105) error has been reported and can be successfully activated when reconnecting after the error is reported and before investigating the problem, so there is not enough detail or number of details to investigate the problem.
    The problem could also be a gateway issue or licensed server congestion, as well as firewall and security software.
    We are in a state of continuous problem solving on this issue to identify the cause.

    We will be looking into this issue further and would like to receive a log of the behavior of the (-105) error so we can figure out what parts of the activation flow are wrong.
    If you are willing to help us, we can DM you a script to get the log when this error occurs.

  • Thank you for willing to cooperate with this issue.
    I just happen to have that error again. I'm willing to help so you may DM me the script.
  • Thank you for reply.

    I've sent you a DM, please check it out.
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