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How to change opacity and how to parent layers?

edited July 2020 in Help
hi! I'm very new to Live 2D ( i just bought it yesterday). I've been watching the tutorials and i was trying to figure out how i can change the hand frame on the same parameter. I have 9 frames for the hand so its frame by frame, and I watched someone elses tutorial for Live 2D and saw they changed the opacity to get the effect they want. So, i put all 9 frames on the same parameter, made the parameter 0 to 9, and tried to make each frame a different part of the parameter and changed the opacity. the issue is, the opacity never changed, it always went back to 100%. how can i make it not do this? the layer is not locked, and I'm wondering how I can make it not change back to 100%. ive tried hitting update or enter, doesn't work.

As well, for later, I want to be able to move the arms and head but not have them go everywhere when doing so. I have used After Effects and it has a parenting function, so I was wondering if i could do the same on Live 2D or something similar.

I'll add a picture of the model and parameters and such!
The eyes are static also ;;

Thank you so much!
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