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HELP! I can't open my file anymore!!!!!!!

[ERROR] Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at
[ERROR] at$default(IOStreams.kt:103)
[ERROR] at
[ERROR] at$default(IOStreams.kt:120)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.serialize.b.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.serialize.b.invoke(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.serialize.archiver.ArchiveReader.readFileByFilePath(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.serialize.UUSerialize.deserialize_exe(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.serialize.UUSerialize.deserializeFromFile(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.serialize.UUSerialize.deserializeFromFile$default(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.CModelSource$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.CModelSource$a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.doc.a.b.b.b(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.D.c(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.D.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.M.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.cubism.appCtrlImpl.M.invoke(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at com.live2d.util.Q.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[ERROR] at Source)
[WARN ] User physics preset file not exists : C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming\Live2D\Cubism3_Editor\settings\physics_preset30.xml

what is happening


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