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I want Cubism 3 AE plug-in (β) for MAC !!! Is there someone can help me?

Best Answer

  • Hello, @LMo

    Thank you for your contact.
    This is Live2D Support.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    At the time, we were considering providing a Mac version of the AE plug-in, but we found some problems that will take time to resolve, so the development of a Mac version is currently undecided.

    We will continue to share this as a customer request with our team and utilize it for future development.

    We look forward to working with you in the future
    Thank you.


  • Sorry for the delayed response and thank you for using Live2D.
    We are afraid, but AE Plugin for Mac is scheduled after the official release of Windows version.
    We have shared your request internally for future development.
  • Wait, is there really no mac version of the AU plugin still? I've been working on a project planning on using AE and now that we're to that step, we're completely stuck without AE on Mac?
  • @kudo(Staff) thank you for the response. In the end, what I would REALLY love is to not need to use AE. Animation tools in Live2D could use some major improvements but it is still a much better experience than the AE plugin. It makes AE run clunky, dragging parameters in real-time is not really useable, frame rate issues etc.

    I’m a Mac user but I just bought a gaming Windows laptop, just to run the AE plugin. Brand new windows machine specs: 16GB ram, i7, GeForce RTX 3050. The machine and whole Windows environment feels clunky to me. AE hangs all the time with the Cubism plugin loaded. Even running Live2D on my 2013 Mac Pro is zippier than this machine, with fewer hangs and no looooong hangs like on the Win machine. So I guess this is another plea to get an AE plugin working on Mac, especially now with the M1 chip.

    Question: I’m debating returning the Windows laptop and getting the new MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip. Then running AE + Cubism plugin on Windows through Parallels. Will there be any issues doing this? The M1 Macs do not have any Intel or AMD graphics chips. Just their own high-end integrated graphics chip. Any issues with that? Apparently Parallels runs great on the M1 Macs.

  • Hello, @LMo
    Thank you for your reply.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    You said that AE hangs when you use the AE plug-in.
    Could you please tell me which version of the Cubism plugin you have and under what circumstances the problem occurs?
    Also, does the problem occur even with the latest version of the AE plug-in?

    Use in a virtual environment is not supported and not guaranteed.
    Use is not prohibited.

    We appreciate your cooperation
    Thank you.
  • Any update on an AE plugin for Mac?

  • @LMo

    Thank you for always using our products.

    Sorry, it is not compatible with Mac yet.
    I received your request. We will use this as a reference for future development.
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