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Sprite Sheet import questions

I am new to Live2d, and am testing out the PRO functions before purchase, I have been struggling to get basic files working as illustrated on the various guides and such.

I have been attempting to use the guides, as well as search the forum, but there is not much information related to this question. I feel that all the tutorials are skipping a very important step.
I have tried following this, but it relies on photoshop, which is fine, but I already have sprite sheets, so breaking them into layers again seems redundant.
I have used the photoshop method laid out below and it works fine, I was hoping for something where I could drop the sheets directly in, and cut them up IN Live2D.

Tutorial 1.0 [official] (YouTube Link)

I have this tutorial as well, but these options just simply do not exist.
Live2D Cubism Editor: Making a model file & Mapping out drawable objects (YouTube Link)

Preparing Textures (Cybernoid tutorial)

Also the editor does not seem to have a horizontal scroll, which is weird.
Again, I feel like this is something super simple that I am just missing. When I drop the png file, it imports OK as the sprite sheet, but how to chop it up as indicated by the second link is not clear, aside from using photoshop.
Version is 3.2.01

Any help would would be appreciated

thank you


  • Hi @DSMTurboAWD

    About the menu on the video, it doesn't exist anymore because:
    Since Cubism 3, the workflow move toward PNG file to imported PSD file.
    So, the workflow to cut directly in Cubism 3 like in previous Cubism is different.

    Anyway the second link is from Cubism 1.

    But if you are really want to use PNG and cut them in the Live2D:
    1. You drag the sprite into Cubism
    2. Double click the texture that will bring you to polygon editing mode
    3. click Display below mesh edit and choose "show model image"
    4. cut your sprite and press the check button to apply

    5. duplicate the cut sprite, double click again
    6. delete the polygon line, and make a new selection for another sprite

    and repeat until all done.

    It will take a lot of time in my opinion. Compare to cut inside Photoshop and import to Cubism, let Cubism do Automatic polygon all your sprite. I know to open PSD and cut inside Photoshop is redundant, but a lot faster this way.
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