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draw order auto set?

Live2D Cubism Editor 3.2
Is there a feature that automatically sets the draw order?
Now I have to set 1000, 990, 980... It will take some time
because if I put PSD in
always 500

Live2D Cubism Editor 2.0
Just throw the PSD in and it's automatically set


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    edited June 2018
    Hi @anzelo

    In Cubism 3, even though all the layer has same number,
    but it still respect the order of the layer:

    Head Folder
    ├Object 1 [Layer Order 500]
    ├Object 2 [Layer Order 500]
    └Object 3 [Layer Order 500]
    └Object 4 [Layer Order 501]

    In this case, upper Layer Order will appear on the top [same as Photoshop layering system]
    It will appear like this order

    -Object 4
    -Object 1
    -Object 2
    -Object 3

    So, you not really need to change it manually.

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    For some reason, I didn't post this comment in 2018 and found out about it only now, after almost 5 years. And after all these years I still can say:

    When we have 500-1000 layers with default Draw Order 500 it's not easy to set Draw Order for every layer manually. And we may want to animate some objects to be closer or further away, so we definitely have to change the Draw Order, if the object is overlapped by others. For example, the hand in front of and behind the body. Imagine if there are many more such objects.
    Now you always have Draw Order 500 for all layers and order in the Part tab means nothing when you set up the keys on the parameters. Thus, you are forced to set up Draw Order manually.

    There is some beauty in being able to change the display of the layer order by dragging in the Part tab, but this doesn't eliminate the problem described earlier, which didn't exist in version 2.1.
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