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After Effects Plugin: Option to use Composition Layer as Model Texture

Hi there.

I'd like to suggest an additional option for importing models within the after effects plugin.
Currently there is the option to import a model with the model file and texture file or to import a .json file.

I feel that being able to choose a layer within the composition to serve as the Texture would be a powerful tool.

This image shows the current model import for .moc and texture files. A composition layer of matching dimensions could be entered as an alternative to importing the file directly into the plugin (leaving it inaccessible in after effects.)
This could be a very powerful option and could be used for creating animated model textures with After Effects advanced features.
It could be as simple as changing the colour of individual parts during animations or more complex with After Effects masks, particles, effects and presets.


  • Hi Fishbone, yes I think its a good idea indeed! to make a texture from layer and play with it!

    The structure of plugin require immediate link with the model, if the layer from AE, it require render the model every time you move it, for current situation is very challenging to make, but maybe in the future it would be possible.

    Thank you for your Feature requests!
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