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Several workflow requests for the Cubism Animator


I have been working with the animator a lot lately and I noticed a few things that could really improve my workflow.

- In the scene view, it would save me a lot of time if I could select multiple scenes at once for Output Motion Data, with ctrl or shift. This way I could re-export the specific scenes I have made changes to, without having to select and save them one by one.

- For when I am saving a large batch of scenes, it would be nice if I could click "overwrite all" instead of having to repeatedly click Yes on the "are you sure you want to overwrite" popup.

- This is an issue I have with the Cubism Modeler as well, but it is frustrating for me that every time I save something, the windows explorer opens to show me the files I have just saved. Sometimes this is convenient, but more often then not it's a nuisance. It results in me having to close the explorer windows every time I have to export things. It would be nice if there was an option to disable this in the export or output motion date windows.

If any of these things are already available and I just did not notice them, I would love to know!

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