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Using many parameter combinations at the same time cause weird effects.

edited March 2016 in Help

So, I've made a character with X, Y and Z rotation in Live2D. However, if I set two rotations to the maximum, and then use the third one, I get very odd effects, like the one in the gif. It becomes even worse when I add in even more parameters, for example, head rotation, as seen in this animation. I've tried "Synthesize corners" with all of the parameters (X with Y, X with Z and Z with Y) but it doesn't work.

Is there a way to fix this?


  • @CBeam
    Mixing x, y, and z parameters basically always ends up being messy, I guess. If you post your model file (.cmox), I can give you some advice.
  • the best way to go about modifying the character to respond to 3 or more parameters without messing up, is setting up a hierarchy
    for example, the head rotation needs two Deformers:
    1- parent deformer, created as a Rotation deformer. it rotates the whole head and hair stiffly, (Z or Neck-Rotate parameter).
    you do this by selecting all the drawn parts of the neck, hair, face, and everything affected by that like hair ribbons and earrings, and dragging them to the rotation deformer.

    2- child deformer, affected by a Curved Surface Deformer. it moves the face left and right, up and down ( X and Y axis parameters)

    you make one deformer the child of another by opening the deformer palette window, grabbing the curved surface guy, and throwing it on top of the rotation one, and curved surface san will be the parent

    this way you can have the head rotated to any Z axis angle, and still have the face affected by the X Y axis almost separately.
  • @ZIMA I'd rather not. Thank you though!

    @renoa Thanks! That technique worked!

    However, it didn't work for non-"pure" rotations like the head may have. All of the body's rotations are "twists", and that technique doesn't cover that. But! I did find a way. Basically, "Keyframes" can be made with more than one parameter assigned to a keyframe value. So with that, I managed to make adjustments and complement your mentioned technique.

  • well the program gives you a warning that 3 and or more parameters for any one part might get harder to work with, glad you found a way around that!
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