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Deformers respond like photoshop's Transform tool

i think this was mentioned in another thread, but i will post it separately in hopes that it will be noticed by the senpais (development team) :D
the other competitors use this method, and i think that's the only thing missing from live2d right now: easier deformers
the way it works now is to move each point in the deformer to achieve the desired shape, but it would be easier for beginners if it could be dragged by the red dots on the corners to 'Transform' the shape like in photoshop. (I admit i tried to do it, thinking the squares on each corner is there to be dragged XD)

it would make it more uniform, faster, and less modeling errors will happen because fewer deformer points are disturbed.
it would also eliminate the need for users to request that the Soft Selection tool apply to deformers, or the need to create a tool specific for manipulating deformers, or the need to reset deformers when the end result becomes unsatisfactory.
or maybe there can be pre-set shapes for deformers (or deformer types like the rotate and plane) such as sphere, cube, rectangle with one long side and another short side (i don't know the english name :s )
so if a character needs a deformer to rotate the head, instead of using a flat square and moving each point, you start with a spherical deformer and pull it left or right for the character face parts to rotate in that way. but in my head this would only work in a 3d environment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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