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Templete Request

Is there a template that I can use as a base reference for my character 'textures' ?
I have a DA friend whom I'm commissioning my VN's character art from (20 characters in total) and he'll need something really well made to use as a reference.

Also, another simple request, a freaking english patch for the menus! Please? *puppydogeyesofcuteness


  • hello there!
    English patch? maybe you downloaded the japanese version? try the English site download page:
    i don't understand what you mean with the template... you mean how to create the layers so they can be worked with on the Modeler?
    you can download any of the sample models from the site and go to "texture list" to look at how the parts are separated, or export it into a PNG file and send it to the artist to look at ^^ translated here using google, just push the big pink button next to the one you want
    the main points are: create eyelids, made up of opaque color matching the skin, to hide the eyeball when the character blinks. and the same with the top lip and bottom lip, to hide the mouth and teeth when the character closes the mouth.

    if that didn't make sense just tell me and i'll try to explain it with pictures, in the mean time, you can search youtube for the official live2d channel, they have a bunch of basic tutorials :D

  • I think we decided to use Emofuri (similar program but different method of layering) first since he's used that before and managed to make some smooth animations with it.
    If we do decide on Live 2D I will certainly look up the tutorial channel.
    To be honest both programs are equally complicated (to be fair, it's reasonable considering their function) in my opinion, but the thing with Live 2D is that it's natively a part of Tyranobuilder but I like to go with what is easier on his end. I certainly don't rush things but I don't like making things harder than they are :P especially when I'm doing paid commission (though fairly reasonable prices compared to most on Deviantart) for all the characters :P some of which have multiple outfits.
  • i tried emofuri last year but the physics would freak out differently every time the animation played, which was unreliable. i also like cubism's license more because you don't have to pay anything if you're making a free or indies project, but good luck if you decide to go with that, and know that english cubism tutorials are coming soon!
  • @TheGamingTurret
    I'm sorry, but I'm also not quite sure for what you're looking :'( . As renoa pointed out you can download sample models to test animation functionality, etc.. However, if that's not what your looking for, some template functionality exists within the editor. Although translated by Google-sensei and, therefore, hard to get, you can download templates and find an introduction here.
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