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Question - Display part of the Live2D Model | Cubism | JS

Is there a way to display only part of a live2d model? (eg: displaying only the head)

Thanks in advance)


  • edited February 2016
    Hi, Rus .
    I have to display some of the parts in the following code .
    // Define Live2D model
    var MODEL_PATH = "assets/haru/";
    var MODEL_DEFINE = {
        "type":"Live2D Model Setting",
        "model": MODEL_PATH + "haru.moc",
            MODEL_PATH + "haru.1024/texture_00.png",
            MODEL_PATH + "haru.1024/texture_01.png",
            MODEL_PATH + "haru.1024/texture_02.png",
            MODEL_PATH + "motions/",
            MODEL_PATH + "motions/",
            MODEL_PATH + "motions/",
            "PARTS_01_FACE_001", "PARTS_01_HOHO_001", "PARTS_01_EYE_001",
            "PARTS_01_EYE_BALL_001", "PARTS_01_BROW_001", "PARTS_01_MOUTH_001",
            "PARTS_01_NOSE_001", "PARTS_01_EAR_001", "PARTS_01_HAIR_FRONT_001",
            "PARTS_01_HAIR_BACK_001", "PARTS_01_HAIR_SIDE_001", "PARTS_01_NECK_001",
            "PARTS_01_BODY_001", "PARTS_01_ARM_L_A_001", "PARTS_01_ARM_R_A_001",
    // Hide all the parts
    for(var j = 0; j <; j++){
        live2DModel.setPartsOpacity([j], 0.0);
    // Display only back hair
    that.live2DModel.setPartsOpacity("PARTS_01_HAIR_BACK_001", 1.0);
    // Live2D Draw
  • I had it here and it worked. Thank you.
    draw = function(gl){	
        live2DModel.setPartsOpacity("PARTS_ ... ", 0);	
  • A related question.

    If I have a live2d model, consisting of a head and a body. But I only want to load and display the head, and ignoring the body completely (ie: not load and hence not display the body). How do I do that?

    Thanks in advance)
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