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Shadows of Live2D Model - Unity

edited February 2016 in Help

I would like to know if there is any way of getting a shadow projection for a Live2D model in Unity. Ej: a Live2D canvas and a plane behind that receive the shadow of the model (its shape).

I have tried using differents types of shaders without success. Not sure if exists a simple way.

A possible solution could be get the pixels data after live2d.draw() of the associated GameObject call and then paste those pixels to a transparent texture. After that, change the texture color to "black" and use that textue on a plane placed as shadow would be.

I don´t know if that could be a possible solution. Nevertheless, I don´t know how to get pixels data after a draw() call or exactly how to do all operation.

Does anyone know how to implement this functionality? Or any help?



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