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What license do I need when purchasing the editor?

edited February 2016 in Help
I would like to purchase Live2D Cubism but I am not sure about the kind of license I need.

First, how many licence do I need if I want to use it on a Windows 10 desktop computer and a Surface Pro 3 (Windows 10 also)? According to the license agreement here in 2.1.5, I need to buy two licenses...
2.1.5 Multiple Platforms. Customer may install or use the Software on up to 2 (two) of its own Compatible Computers with each of which running a different platform (e.g. one Compatible Computer running Windows OS and the other running Mac OS). However, Customer may not launch or use the Software concurrently on these two separate Compatible Computers. Customer may not install or use the Software on two separate Compatible Computers with each of which running a different version of same platform (e.g. one Compatible Computer running Windows 7 and the other running Windows 8). If two different platforms are running on a single Compatible Computer, such Compatible Computer will be deemed two separate Compatible Computers.
That's sound a bit weird as running it on a Windows computer + on a Mac computer requires only one license but running it on two Windows computers (or two Mac) requires two licenses.
Usually (ok, not everytime) a laptop is considered as an extension of the desktop computer, do I really need to buy two licenses?

My next question is about the kind of license I need. As I am an individual, I need an indie license (this new license is great) BUT what will happen if I sell my work to a company? Does the company need a standard Pro license even if they never use the software? I mean, let's suppose I sell them everything (modeler files, motions files...), they need to buy of course the SDK license for the target platform but, do they need to buy also the modeler license? Does it change anything if I buy a standard Pro license?

I am working actually for a video game company, and even if I recommended Live2D Cubism over Esoteric Software Spine for a visual novel game engine, Spine has been chosen for the engine... Stupid decision as Spine character rigging is based only on skeleton and vertex weigh when Cubism allows to rig everything (opacity, mesh deformation, draw order...with multi-target morphing) which allows to blend perfectly two animation sequences when Spine will fail because of their free form deformation allowed only during the animation process... But the main reason of this choice (for now) is more about which software is more popular... (the cubism 2.0 and 2.1 documentation using Google Translate doesn't help unfortunately).


  • I just got the answer from Live2D support :)

    About the license number I need:
    I’m very afraid to write this but if you have two Windows computers and want to use Live2D Cubism Editor PRO on both of them, you need to purchase 2 licenses. The reason we allow mac users to activate their Windows computer with the same license is that the software is unable to output movie files due to the mac OS no longer supporting QuickTime for Java even with the 32bit Animator, so we need to make a way for Mac users to achieve output movie files with their Windows computers.
    Makes sense.

    About the kind of license I need:
    About your second question, companies don’t need to purchase PRO license when you sell them your works created with your indie license as far as they need no modification by using Cubism Editor.
    Everything is great here as buying two indie licenses now is still far cheaper than buying the full price of a standard license!
  • Hi Kakartha,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I didn't know that one license was only allowed per windows pc. It's good to know now, a pity though.
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