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How do I make my model "turn"?

edited February 2016 in Help
Hello! I am learning how to model in Live2D. To do so, I have tried to make a character from start to finish, however, I am now stuck at a certain stage.

I have drawn a character based on one of the examples characters in PSD.


I have also used the photoshop script to turn the character into polygons automatically. It was very useful. I then put every "deformer" into the "part" that it belongs to. For example, I have placed her face and blush are in the "Face" part.

However, I don't know how to have her head "turn". It doesn't seem to work.

I set the X angle to a max value and I select the face.

And I make, for example, this deformation

But then, it just stays like that when I change the X value. What I am looking for is for the deformation to change when I change X, and it just doesn't happen.

I am sure I am doing something incorrectly. I want to make the face be able to "turn" and have the shape change when I change X. Please help me out.


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