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Additional Glue Controls

At the moment, glue accumulates over time using the glue weight value set in the tool menu.

I'd like to ask for a feather weight for the brush, similar to the "stiffness" of the deform brush tool, as well as the ability to specify the weight value the brush is aiming for.

For example, right now using the green/red weight tools, when you hold the brush down, it will eventually always end up being 100% green or red, depending on if you hold shift. I'll use Blender3D to try illustrate my intention;

(The cube is red when 100% control is given to the points)

I'd like to be able to choose "Only until 75%" (or any other %), so no matter how long the brush is held, it will never set the red (or green if holding shift) to more than 75%, and the opposite color never more than 25%.

(The area never becomes red because 75% control is the limit I've set)

This would let glue edits be a lot more specific over larger areas, instead of requiring users to individually eyeball each point to try get a specific result.

It would be especially useful for mirrored glue; where a mesh has left and right sides that need equal glue values. Right now it's very difficult to get a specific result that matches.


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