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My physics window has everything greyed out but my model is moving.

I can't export my model's physics. The physics window is greyed out and when i try to export to runtime, the physics files are also grey. If I export what i can (so no physics files), and then use the model3.json file in the viewer the model moves (everything except for the mouth sync which is weird). I can't export the physics files, I've tried to export the physics presets (physics window of which is greyed out) and then import them. Nothing has worked so far. I'm so lost and confused. Any help would be appreciated. I just finished my model and I don't understand what has happened.

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    Not sure how it's possible but I've been able to use the files in my vtuber studio without the physics files i expected to need. I guess my problem solved itself? Would still love to know what is going on and how it is that it works.


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