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Unity SDK reset prefab in git branch change or pull


I have a problem that has caused us many headaches when using the live2d SDK in Unity.

The prefab that is generated when importing the model requires additional elements such as c# scripts, colliders, etc. to be used in our project. no problem so far.

The problem comes when using git, since the changes made to the prefab are lost when someone else downloads them through a "git pull", if an additional script or a collider was added etc etc it disappears.

This problem also occurs with local branches, that is, if I move from branch A to branch B (with the changes from branch A already saved in a local and remote commit) and then return to branch A, the changes disappear from branch A

before a git pull or branch move:

after a git pull or branch move:

NOTE: The change of the commit is a change not related with the model or even the same scene
- It may be related to the import process when opening the Unity project, since this occurs whenever this process starts when a project is opened or when the branch change is made.
- I have the following options unchecked

after a git pull or branch move: - objects and setter values ​​in the script have disappeared

Thanks in advance for any assistance


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