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Copy/Paste & Saving is Crashing Live2D - Possible Memory Leak?

Whenever I copy and paste artwork from a model I have been working on, my task manager shows Live2D using an excessive amount of memory, and then it crashes the program with no error. If it doesn't close itself immediately after pasting, it happens when I save my file instead. It is consistently crashing every time I save a file.
Even if I try to move the artwork to a new file, it still causes it to crash.

I'm working in Live2D Editor 5.0.04.
My PC has a GeForce RTX 3060ti, AMD Ryzen 5 7000 series, 32GB of RAM, and uses Windows 11.


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    Thank you for your continued patronage of our products.
    This is Live2D staff.

    Does this phenomenon also occur in our sample model?
    (Niziiro Mao)

    One possible cause of CubismEditor crashing is that the data volume of the model file is too large.

    Please try to reduce the weight of the model by adjusting the clipping mask, parameters, etc.

    【Examples of points to note】
    ・Number and size of textures
    ・Number of warp deformers, art meshes, polygons, etc.
    ・Number of clipping masks
    ・Number of parameters
    ・Canvas size

    If this does not solve the problem, please submit your CMO3 file from the uploader below to investigate the issue.


    Best regards.
  • I have tried these fixes, but it still crashes.
    I upload the file at the link you provided, but if there is anything else I can try on my end, please let me know.
  • @Tendie

    We apologize for the late reply.

    I have checked the model file you sent.
    Did the problem occur after copying and pasting a particular object?
    If so, please provide the name and ID of the object that triggered the problem.

    Can I edit the sample model "Mao" without any problems?

    Just to be sure, there may be a problem with the environment or Cubism's cache, so please try the solutions on the help page below and see if the problem is resolved.

    Thank you.
  • Thank you so much for your reply!
    The file would crash no matter what part I copy/pasted in that file.
    It did not occur when using the sample models from Live2D.

    But I think I have fixed the issue on my own!
    It did not appear to be a Live2D problem, but instead it was a problem with my computer's virtual memory settings. The paging file size settings were not set to automatic while the crashing occurred. Once I switched back to "automatically manage paging file size for all drives" the crashing stopped!

    Thank you again for all your help.
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