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The current compatibility status with released Live2D Cubism products is as follows:
[supported]Live2D Cubism Editor version 5.0.01 and later
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The Cubism Editor license file may be lost after the macOS upgrade.
Please make sure to deactivate the Cubism Editor license before upgrading the macOS.
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Deform Path Tool and Multiple Art Meshes Issue

- Live2D Software Version: Cubism Editor 5.0.01
- OS & Version: Windows 11
- PC Model: MacBookPro 2017
- Graphics Specifications: NA
- Memory: NA
- Illustration Software used: Clip Studio

So I'm trying to warp multiple objects with one deform path, and Live2D's website says this is possible, simply by selecting all the art meshes and drawing the path.

But when I try to move all the meshes for animating a parameter, as soon as I move one of the deform path vertices, it changes the path for all keyforms. So moving one vertex completely changes the path when I slide back and forth on the parameter. This leads to a lot of wackiness. For example, doing the left keyform I don't notice anything wrong, but as soon as I slide back to the middle or the right, the path has completely warped. The art meshes are the correct defaults, but the deform path now looks like the other keyform I completed on all the others. Then, attempting to edit the art mesh on other keyforms with the incorrectly placed path deformer results in horrible distortion.

How can I modify several art meshes at once along a parameter, using deform path? This seems like a bug. Correct performance should show the deform path returning to it's preset shape when moving to an unset keyform.

Screenshots of steps to reproduce:
Step 1: Default middle Keyform with fresh deform path (last parameter, Yellow Ribbon)

Step 2: On the left keyform, move deform path vertex with all art meshes selected

Step 3: Returning to original untouched keyform, the path has not joined the art mesh in returning to its default shape. It is now impossible to use the deform path in any other keyform.


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