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Can't save model file, "Requested Array Size Exceeds VM limit"

edited December 2023 in Help
Hello, Live2D

I've encountered a problem: the model file does not save after I copy-paste a bunch of deformers and art meshes.
It gives me either error "Requested Array Size Exceeds VM limit" or "Out of heap space".
I've tried different live2d versions: 4.02.04beta5, released version 4.02.03_2, and 5 alpha.
The issue persisted in all versions equally, though the error message in alpha was different:

My pc ram is 64, max ram allowed through .bat file is 32000, I've also tried to add a variable for Java ram which made Live2D work faster but did not resolve the issue.

After manually narrowing down the amount of copied items, I was able to copy 80% of them and found out the problem still persists if I copy 2 deformers with 2 of their child meshes inside. I need 6 copies total of the same item and 4 other times copying everything worked perfectly but was bugged with the remaining two.

Do you have any suggestions what might be causing the issue and maybe we can resolve it together?
I'm worried that the problem will reappear later on with the same model file, as I have just started it and it has not much yet going on.


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