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Instantiate prefab loos motion smothness.

edited December 2023 in Help

I create small test script and assigned it to a prefab imported with Live2D model.
using Live2D.Cubism.Core;
using UnityEngine;

public class TmpBaseMovement : MonoBehaviour {
    public string ParameterID;

    private CubismModel _cubismModel;
    private CubismParameter _cubismParam;
    private float n = 0;

    private void Start() {
        _cubismModel = gameObject.FindCubismModel();
        _cubismParam = _cubismModel.Parameters.FindById(ParameterID);

    private void LateUpdate() {
        n += 3 * Time.deltaTime;
        _cubismParam.Value = Mathf.Sin(n) * 30;

When I added prefab to hierarchy move is fluent and smooth. When I instantiate the same prefab by `Instantiate(ModelPrefab)` then move is hard and straight, like be all physics not work at all.

Why that happens and where I should looking for fix?

Live2D Cubism version - [4-r.5] - 2022-09-08
Unity 2021.2.13f1

Best Answer

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    edited March 2023 Answer ✓
    Hello, @longbearded .

    Thank you for your continued use of our product.

    Part of the functionality of the Cubism SDK for Unity depends on the order in which scripts are executed.
    However, since Unity determines the execution order of scripts, the execution order of scripts is controlled on the SDK side.
    Therefore, scripts whose execution order is not controlled by the SDK may have unintended behavior depending on the execution order.

    Could you please confirm if the problem can be resolved by modifying the script in question to control the order of execution in the SDK?

    Best regards.


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