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The current compatibility status with released Live2D Cubism products is as follows:
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Please make sure to deactivate the Cubism Editor license before upgrading the macOS.
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Unknown Live2d fps slowdown under certain conditions.

edited February 2023 in Help
The left and right side is the same file in the example below. Something seems to be triggering live2d to not run smoothly in some cases. When the unknown issue occurs it go straight to low fps, there doesn't seem to be variable performance, its like a consistent drop. The low fps happens in the preview, physics & general use like selecting layers.

Specs are pretty high and not getting close to running out of power. Has happened on Win 10 & 11. I assume something graphics software related is causing issue/crashing? I'm not really sure tho, been quite a head ache while working.

I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and maybe narrowed it down?

- Live2D Software Version: Cubism Editor 4.2.03 (happened on previous version too)
- OS & Version: Win 10 & 11 (happened before & after update)
- Graphics Specifications: RTX 3080
- CPU: Ryzen 5900X
- Memory: 32GB

Current things that seem to fix the issue:

- Restarting pc (works occasionally)
- Restarting graphics driver (works occasionally)
- Clean install of graphics driver (works in most cases)

Some times causes the issue:

- Using Obs
- Streaming on Discord
- Other unknown times

Example (Left - Stutter | Right - Running normally):

Added Note:
I am using multiple monitors, one with 165hz & one with 4k
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