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Additional "Paste" Special Options : Only X or Y Data

edited January 5 in Feature requests
The ability to only paste X or Y information (Or only use X or Y for Corner Generation) rather than both

The benefit of an operation to paste only the Y or X location data to all points is incalculable. This would greatly stabilize X/Y Angle Keyforms, and assist in XYZ head angles (Where forms are placed on 3 params instead of the normal 2)

No matter how head angles are formed, they will generally follow one of two rules for the corners.

Either vertices move up/down on the corners, or left/right.

This follows the rules of 3D rotations.

The ability to paste only X or Y location data means that you can get the vertices to be the same height as they are on Y, but in the corners, without effecting the X location of the vertices.

Corner generation works for this effect if you're very careful to not move vertices on the wrong axis for the angle, however many users also use a bit of false perspective when animating faces, making foreheads larger when the head looks down and smaller when the head looks up.
This ends up skewing the corner generation, as the X and Y locations from both parameters are added together.

I hope these visuals help demonstrate the usefulness of this feature!

(Standard 4 corner generation)

(Paste X or Y data only)

By only using Y or X for the combination, a more accurate/workable corner form is created for organic deformations. This lets the user make easier manual deformations!

X or Y as a blend-paste option would also be highly effective as it would allow people to selectively retain the Y or X values across deformations.

A simpler example would be fixing small deformation errors, which is a common mistake

Being able to copy and paste the Y data only would fix much of the issue without having to re-do sections of a model

I hope I've explained this well!

Edit :
Similar thought,
An X or Y global lock would also be helpful!
While working I often hold shift the entire time and it makes my hand sore after some hours ;_;
Maybe a toggle down here to cycle through options?
(This would make any transformation lock to X or Y or be free)

Thank you so much for all the recent updates, Live2D is always getting better and better, thank you for your hard work!


  • @TheArtGun

    Thank you for your continued use of our product.

    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.
    We have shared it with our development team.
    We will use it as a reference for future development.

    We look forward to your continued patronage of our products.
  • @Enoko(Staff)
    I really believe in this feature, I hope it would be somewhat simple to implement even as just the copy paste, without the extras. Just copy/paste options would speed up the workflow for head angles by what I estimate to be 2-4x.

    The project I'm working on right now is very tedious, and this feature would save hours and hours of work and pain~

    I really hope for it!
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