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The current compatibility status with released Live2D Cubism products is as follows:
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[BUG] Glue binding generated ID exceeding maximum length

I just had this error when exporting my model:
[ERROR] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Id length is greater than 64
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.dw.d(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.a.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.J.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.x.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.x.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.b.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.b.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.f.a(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at com.live2d.cubism.doc.model.exporter.f.invoke(Unknown Source)
[ERROR] 	at Source)
[ERROR] 	at Source)
[ERROR] 	at Source)
Upon looking at the logs I noticed this line
[ERROR] ???????ID????? Glue__IV_tube_2__adjust_to_fit_angle_2__IV_tube_2__adjust_to_fit_angle_

One of the glue generated in the project has exceeded 64 characters limit, because the glued layers have a very long name.
Fortunately the error can be corrected just by editing the ID, however it wasn't obvious at first.

There should be a length validation check in the glue creation process.
I would like to see this corrected in future update.

Version: Live2D Cubism 4.2.02
Windows 10


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