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How can I know which parameters affect which parts?

edited February 2016 in Help
I have been reading and watching all of the tutorial available on your website, but I have some questions regarding the Live2D modeling program.

=============================== Question ===============================

How do we know which parameter slider, controls certain parts of the body?
I have difficulties to know which parameter control a specific body part.

For Example:

In a Parameter, ANGLE_X control, I have set: Body Rotation, Left cheek curve, Eye curve deformer, Hair back deformer, etc. After I have done all parameters, and if I have done something wrong and wanted to check, how can I make some corrections if I don't know which is which. Since I have placed a lot of body parts on the parameters, it's really easy to forget which part of the body is controlled by ANGLE_X for instance.

How do we know in ANGLE_X parameters which parts of the body controlled by ANGLE_X? or Are there other ways to see which parameter slider controls certain parts of the body? instead of checking, clicking one by one object to see if the parameters turn green or not, or Is there a list provided to show which body parts are controlled by the parameters? I have been experiencing difficulties with this problem and wasted a lot of time.

This also happens when I open the sample files and wanted to study and observe which
parameter slider, controls certain parts of the body.

I apologize for this long lasting explanations, I've been asking [email protected] for myself but never heard any feedback.
If anyone could be so kind to help me, it means world to me and other members that got the same problems.

Once again,
thank you very much for your time and God bless you.

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