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Move parameter slide.

edited September 2022 in Feature requests
hello. I am very happy with your software. thank you

"I wish I could move the parameter slides with the keyboard."

If I hold down the mouse for a long time and move it, the mouse easily breaks down.

(Sorry if English is awkward. I'm Asian. )



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    Hello, @Animation .
    Thank you for your contact.
    This is Live2D Support.

    Thank you for your request.
    Shortcut keys can be assigned for key selection operations for parameters.
    It would be easier to find them if you search by name.

    See also the manual page on shortcut key settings.

    Best regards.
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    Thank you.

    If I click and hold the parameter value input box and move the mouse left and right,
    I can see a more detailed frame change, so I check the animation in that way.

    Since I use that method often, the mouse seems to break easily.

    The shortcut method you mentioned is also good.
    However, with a fixed frame rate from key to key, it was difficult to observe subtle animation changes.

    So I thought of a way to control the mouse with the keyboard.
    I will write a method for other live2d users who may not know.

    (based on Windows)
    Alt + Shift + NumLock,
    When a pop-up window appears, click yes.

    Next, move the cursor to the parameter value input field and press '0' on the numeric keypad once.
    After that, by moving the mouse left and right, it is very easy to adjust the frame rate and observe the detailed animation changes.

    Hope it was helpful

    ㅡ I was able to come up with this idea from the answer Ueno wrote. thank you Thank you to everyone at Cubism for providing good animation software.

    答えありがとうございます。~ !
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