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Layers Not Showing up on Physics Window

I have a layer called back sweater and it shows up perfectly fine on the rigging window, but once I open up the physics window it disappears. Does anyone know what's going on and how I can fix it? Thanks.


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    Thank you for your continued use of our product.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    What is the result when you click on the "ALL" and "Center" buttons at the bottom of the Physics/Scene Blending Settings window?
    Please take a capture video of it and paste it in.

    Best regards!
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    i cant paste the video but nothing changes. the back sweater layer is still missing

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Now, please upload your file to this page.

    Best regards and thank you for your time.
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    edited October 2022
    When a specific object is not visible in the physics viewer window, it often occurs when the parameter key is set incorrectly.

    The solution is simple.
    delete the incorrectly added key value.

    ㅡ If the key is not wrong, delete and cancel the parameter key value of the object with the error and open the physics viewer window.

    If your English is not good, please understand. I am Asian
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    "If my English is not good, please understand. I am Asian "
    ( Please understand that this is a translator. There is a typo. )
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    i restarted the rig from the beginning and opened up the physics window first but it still doesnt show up. i did notice though that the back sweater layer is slightly transparent in the rigging window which is odd because it isn't transparent in the original drawing file. does this have anything to do with it?
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    (my situation)

    ㅡ Open the saved file.

    "Huh!? Why isn't the hair in the physics window?"

    "Ah?! The model editing window is also transparent."

    ㅡI saw the inspector window.ㅡ
    "Huh? Why is the transparency set to 0%?"

    ㅡAnd the inspector was disabled so I couldn't adjust the transparency.ㅡ

    "I clicked on the object and looked at the parameters window."
    "Huh? The key was added to the unnecessary parameter."

    "I deleted the key that was added to the unnecessary parameter."
    "And when I looked at the inspector window again, the inspector was activated."

    "I was wondering if it would show up again in the physics window, so I opened the physics window and checked."

    "visible now.!!"

    "Sometimes, when clicking the parameter value input box and moving it left and right, an unintentionally adding a key form pop-up window appeared, and there was a mistake that a key form was added by mistake. Perhaps that's why the key form was added."

    (This was the situation I experienced.)
    It is difficult to explain in detail because my language doesn't translate well because the word order is different from English. please understand.
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