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How do I make a repeating expression that isn't an idle animation?

TL;DR: Is making a looping expression in VTube Studio possible without becoming an idle expression, and if so how?

Hi y'all, I'm pretty new to rigging and I think using a repeat parameter is necessary for making my project efficient.

I'm currently on version 4.2 and I have Windows 11. I've been reading the online manual so I understand checking the box and turning on the repeat mode for my parameter (getting the blue parameter markers instead of red) and have rigged all of the key forms for the desired loop. The issue is how to animate them without saving a .can3 file and having a motion3.json idle animation in VTube Studio. Other rigs I have seen the finished product of in VTube Studio have created animation loops (in this case a crying animation) with exp3.json files so I know it is possible somehow. For my personal use I have made motion3.json files for idle animations to achieve the same effect I am looking for, but setting and unsetting idle animations is proving unintuitive for the person I am rigging for now.

Hopefully this is some easy fix/trick that I am just am just too new to know the answer to. I just feel like I'm really close to how it works but there isn't enough information out there for how to make it exist as an exp3.json version of the loop.

Thanks for your knowledge,
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