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Warp Deformer Glue

This could open up a lot of fun options!

It'd probably mean we have to lock the deformer divisions but that'd be a small price to pay!


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    I'll expand on this idea a little!

    When animating an artmesh inside of a deformer, it follows the shape of the deformer-
    So if we animate an object going down the deformer(1), and then change the deformer, the object follows the new shape

    Right now, glue can let an artmesh go from A to B but it's perfectly linear

    A will to go B no matter where B is placed since they are stuck together, which is better than simply animating A to manually match B (changing B's position doesn't ruin the animation when it's glued)

    If we could glue Deformers, we could animate transitions using the deformer as a path, point A can have keyforms and point B can have different keyforms, and the transition will always be smooth

    This could be used the same way glue is used now, but to greater effect.

    This would also mean that dozens of artmeshes won't need glue, glue between say the body and the hips could be handled by glued deformers instead!

    Like in this example- at least 6 art meshes would be needed (Nevermind if they have shadow layers or extra art complications)

    If we could glue deformers, we'd just need to worry about gluing one thing and all the objects inside wouldn't have to be managed, saving a lot of time

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    Thank you for your continued use of our product.

    Thank you very much for your request.
    We have shared it with our development team.
    We will use it as a reference for future development.

    We look forward to your continued patronage of our products.
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