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Cubism Editor 5.1.00 beta1 is now available!

We have incorporated some of the feedback we received from those who tried the alpha version.
Thank you very much for your comments and requests!
All alpha versions will soon be closed to the public and will no longer be available.
Also, the Cubism Editor 5.1 alpha category will be closed, so please send your comments and requests to the Cubism Editor category.

Invert Culling

Culling is an option for the reverse side of a layer, allowing for an "Invert Culling" option to cull the front of an object instead would make flipping certain objects easier as the art can be drawn more accurately.
The current method requires flipping the art in the PSD, and manually flipping the art mesh in Live2D to reverse it, and trying to line it up with the object. This works alright with playing cards for example, but any more complicated shape than a box becomes difficult to draw and rig.


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