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Pair Blendshape to Parameter

edited June 2022 in Feature requests
This would essentially be a way to directly tie the value of the blend shape to a parameter, so if the parameter is activated in any way (from physics or anything else in any program) it also changes the value of the blend-shape.

Sometimes a blenshape is a better solution than adding more keyforms, and users might want to use blendshapes on some angles of the head for example.
The only way to make this work at the moment is to have a duplicate parameter as a blend-shape type, and then to either tie the blendshape to the keyform parameter with physics or to tie a value from an external program to both the blend shape parameter and the main keyform parameter.

This is essentially how I think it could look in the UI- Dragging either bar would also drag the other value

Perhaps it could be accessed in the parameter edit settings like this! If the Parameter is already a blendshape, maybe it can add a normal keyform bar to the parameter.

When connected or linked to another parameter, the blendshapes could appear as a list below (Since they don't appear as linked in the editor yet)


  • @TheArtGun

    Thank you for your continued use of our product.

    Thank you very much for your request.
    We appreciate the detailed explanation with images.
    We have shared your valuable feedback with our development staff.
    We will use it as a reference for future development.

    The Blendshape developers are pleased that you are using Blendshape so much.
    Thank you!
  • @Enoko(Staff)
    They are very useful! I was looking forward to them mostly for face tracking, but they seem even more useful for physics and body angles instead! They excel at modifications that the Keyforms can get too complicated/stacked for

    I'd like to add to this post since I also commented on Cillia's post regarding blendshape combining, the last image with the linked parameters could have the combined Blendshape view instead of the two separated blendshapes

    I'll quote the post here for reference-
    TheArtGun said:

    I would like to add to this conversation! I worked in 3D a fair bit, and only one blend shape can be worked on at a time there, so I understand there might be issues with the editor and having keys linked together

    In the editor maybe it could look something like this

    Since the corners can't be edited they could be darkened, and Live2D would need to detect based on the selected key which blend shape should have edits saved.

    When connected, maybe it can ignore the blend shape that is at 0, so the edits only apply to the +1/-1 blendshape.

    So here it would detect as editing Blendshape Y, and it would ignore the corners

    Thank you for your time!
  • @TheArtGun

    Thank you for your reply.

    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    We will use it as a reference for our development.

    We will do our best to meet your expectations!
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