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Model not saving - "VM limit" error

Up until recently I was working on my first model without any major issues. However, Cubism Editor started slowing down a lot as I added and edited keyforms for expression toggles. The program began preventing saving the file if too many of these changes were done at once, using the error, "Failed to output. (Requested array size exceeds VM limit)". The current change I need to work on involves 2 new keyforms for a layer/artmesh, but the instant I add one of these keyforms and try to save it throws this same error, even if I open the file, add this keyform right away, and try to save.

I have tried manually upping the memory maximums as stated here:
I can open, change, and save sample models without issue.
I have also looked into Java to see if it's an error on that side of things, and while I think it's possible I can't confirm it as I don't know the language.

PC specs:
- Live2D Software Version: Cubism Editor 4.1.05
- OS & Version: Windows 11 64bit
- PC Model: Dell Inspiron 16+ (7610)
- Graphics Specifications: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
- CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz, 2304 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
- Memory: 32GB physical, 36.5GB virtual

I have a copy of the current log file attached. I also have uploaded the model to OneDrive, ready for sharing, and have a screen-captured video of the change and subsequent save attempt ready if needed.

Thanks for your help on this.


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    Hello, @bcollie9
    Thank you for your contact.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Could you tell me what illustration software you use?

    Could you please provide us with a model(cmo3) file for our research?
    If you don't want the data to be public, please send it via DM.

    [How to send a direct message]
    Click on my name, "kudo(Staff)".
    My profile screen will open. Click on [Message] in the top right corner.
    The message sending screen opens.
    Click on the icon [Attach file] and select the file.
    Click [Post Message] to send the message.
    (Please compress the file. If the file is too large to be attached, use an upload site or similar)

    We appreciate your cooperation
    Thank you.
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    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I'll send the link to the model file in a DM in a minute, please let me know if accessing it gives you issues at all. The illustrator I use is Clip Studio.
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    edited June 2022
    Hi, @bcollie9
    Thank you for providing the model data.

    After reviewing the model, it appears that some modifications can be made to resolve this issue.

    Please check the model statistics and try reducing the followings.
    (We can see the model statistics from the File menu.)

    ・Number of interpolations for art meshes and deformers: There may be items where the key form has been accidentally shifted.

    ・Deformers with no content: they are not needed, please delete them
    ・Number of art meshes: There are many. Please delete the ones you are not using.

    Cubism Editor automatically adjusts memory usage.
    Due to this issue, we recommend that you revert back to the original settings if you have made any changes.

    We appreciate your cooperation
    Thank you.
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