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[About macOS Ventura 13.0] (12/20/2022)
The currently released Live2D Cubism SDK is not guaranteed to work with macOS Ventura.
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Is it possible to swap to a different pair of eyes?

edited May 2022 in Tips and Tricks
I have an expression toggle for a new face which has a different set eyes that I want to blink and have the irises to move. They are already rigged with proper parameters (image attached) and it works fine in the physics preview on Editor. However it won't move in Viewer. I thought I could just add new parameters for the new eyes on Vtube Studio, but it doesn't work at all. I'm not sure if I'm just missing something fundamentally (beginner rigger haha), but is it possible at all or will I need to tweak something in Editor? Any help if appreciated :)


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